World's Finest Chocolate

Fundraising E-Commerce UI Design | 2014


Assist in production design of a responsive user interface for one of World's Finest Chocolate properties specific to fundraisers, involving large quantity and often recurring purchases.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Interface Design - E-commerce
  • User Experience
  • Production Design


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • OmniGraffle


Taking over from the lead designer's work in progress, my contributions involved applying the general design layout templates to a complex E-commerce system and a responsive web site application. Working closely with the primary developer on this project, often during live coding sessions over Skype, this project taught me much about rapid design and protoyping, as well as adding another notch in responsive design experience belt.


Without a dedicated user experience team on the project, much of that exercise usually falls on the visual designer. That choice is usually due to insufficient resources or a short delivery time-line, but any good designers will quickly tell you that moving pixels into their precise spot is often a more expensive proposition than using diagramming tools like Axure or OmniGraffle.

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